What are the different stages involved for obtaining registration of a trademark?

  1. EXAMINATION STAGE:The Examiner of Trademark will examine application at Trademarks Registry. Examination report will be communicated to each Applicant or Agent or Attorney by quoting objections, if any, for acceptance of the application.

  2. ENQUIRY STAGE Hearing:After receipt of Examination Report, a personal hearing may be requested by the applicant in order to overlook the objections by producing documentary evidence and affidavit to establish the continuous use of the mark. The Registrar or Deputy Registrar of Assistant Registrar will pass thereafter order in the application.
  3. ADVERTISEMENT STAGE:If the application is found to be acceptable, then it will be advertised in the Trademarks Journal (Official Gazette of the Trademarks Registry) to invite opposition, if any, from the public within the prescribed period of three months.
  4. OPPOSITION STAGE: (if any) :This stage will arise only in cases when an opposition is filed against the registration of a particular Trademark. If there is no opposition, then the mark will be registered and the Certificate of Registration will be issued.

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