What are the particulars to be contained in the Trademark Journal?

The Journal contains the following particulars:

  1. Particulars relating to applications for registrations of Trademarks accepted or before acceptance.
  2. Notifications of corrections and amendments made in application after advertisement.
  3. Applications refused after opposition
  4. Applications advertised but not proceeded.
  5. Notifications of corrections and amendments in applications after opposition.
  6. Trademarks Registered.
  7. Registered users of registered trademarks entered in the Register with limit of period.
  8. Variation of conditions and restrictions in the entry of the Registered User.
  9. Subsequent proprietors registered.
  10. Names, addresses and descriptions of the Registered Users altered in the Register.
  11. Rectification from the Register.
  12. Registration Renewed.
  13. Trademarks removed from the Register due to non-payment of renewal fee.
  14. Clerical errors corrected in the Register
  15. Notifications relating to amendment of the Act and Rules.
  16. Miscellaneous notices relating to Trademarks Registry.

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