Understanding Trademark Status on Search

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Here are some of the most frequented status in the trademark search

Status Meaning
Send to Vienna Codification Stage : 1 – Registry Verifying if App is filed in correct Classification
Formalities Chk Pass Stage : 2 – Application have passed all filing requirement
Marked for Exam Stage 3 :  Application set for Examination by Examiner of Trademarks.
Objected Stage 4 – Objection raised by the Examiner for similar mark & also for Lack of Distinctiveness. Apply for hearing &  send reply.
Accepted & Advertised Stage 5 : Published in the Trademark Gazette
Registered Final Stage : Application Successfully Prosecuted
Abandoned Other : Application not Prosecuted
Opposed Other : Opposition Filed by 3rd Party not to allow registration
Refused Other : Trademark Registry have refused the application.

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