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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Please enter your brand or business name with a minimum of 3 characters (no special characters are allowed) and select your industry from the dropdown and click on search to find out the results.

A: Yes, You can do upto 10 bulk trademark search from client portal. Please register and login to client portal to perform bulk actions.

A: It depends on the name you want to register. We suggest you to search for more than 4-5 words for options "contains" and Phonetic search.

A: is only Indian trademark search engine providing highly accurate search results. Our accurate trademark results are no where near to any competitors in the industry.

A: You can check for your brand name by selecting appropriate class and your company name and slogans or taglines by chossing class 35.

A: We suggest for search even after filing because of conflicting trademarks. If you are looking for automatic trademark monitoring you can use our trademark monitoring service. Please refer to trademark monitoring service.

A: We at thrive hard that the results are accurate up to 99.98% when compared to any other search results in the industry. We gather all data from world wide web also from ipindia public search to get trademark data. So you can trust our results.

A: At we are currently testing our new tool to know the similarity of a logo when compared to other registered or unregistered trademark logos. When we open to the public, you can search it. Currently, the development is on Alpha. You can email your logos to [email protected] for conducting search

A: We provide unregistered search data on request. Currently, it is not in public search on our website

A: No, non-Availability does not mean you cannot register the trademark. There are various factors contribute to your registration. Please refer to Q & A section for more details or contact our representative for clarification.

A: No, We are private limited company providing brand name search results across India. Our Accuracy rate is higher to form opinion about trademark registration for brand names.

A: All results are only from India. We are implementing features to include international search results.

A: The database contains registered, pending, objected, opposed, advertised in journal and rejected national Indian and International brands filed in the terrority of India. In this database you can search free of charge

A: Yes, We give API for developing your own programme or softwares. API is currently available for search results & monitoring. All API is given on a case by case basis for free. Please email [email protected] for more information along with your intent of use.

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