Examination / Objection Reply

Objection / Examination reply is a Trademark compliance subject and needs to be responded with an affidavit and all supporting documents. Examination report reply to a brand name must be given within 30 days from the date of Examination report issued. You can file a reply within 30days or alternatively you can apply for the hearing which will further delay the process of registration. It's suggested that you comply and respond within 30 days even if the Trademark Registry delays the matter. Please read the Frequently asked questions below.


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Frequently asked questions

Is Examination Reply mandatory ?

Yes, It is mandatory to give a reply or apply for hearing by the registry. If you read the examination report you will be able to find it.

So in 30 days it will be registered ?

No, Once compliance is completed by filing a reply. The trademark registry may post the trademark for Publication in Trademark Gazette. There is no guarantee that it will happen in 30 days from date of filing or after 30 days.

When it will be filed ?

After ordering, you are required to scan and send documents to us, We will file within 24hours Guaranteed .

What if No reply is filed?

If no reply is filed within 30 days there are high chances that your trademark may not be taken for prosecution. It will be kept pending and will be abandoned or rejected or refused later which will affect your Trademark

What supporting documents are required ?

Any Advertising Copies , Sales / Service recipets, Tax Certificates or any other document with brand name displayed. Please contact us if you have any clarification

Do you provide reciept ?

Yes After filing we will give you recipet.

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