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A: Trademarks are considered to be a status symbol. Recent studies by shows people who have applied for a trademark and started using TM in their brand name has shown 8% increase of trust among consumers when compared to the unregistered trademark without TM symbol. Filing Trademarks also give you protection to certain extend.

A: The Government fees for registering new trademarks is Rs.4000 per class, and our professional charges are displayed above.

A: Trade marks are registered for certain goods and services. The scope of protection of a trademark as per class. All goods and services are divided into 45 classes according to the Nice classification (eg clothing, vehicles or retail trade). The goods and services must be identified exactly when they are registered, so that they can be clearly assigned to the correct product or service category.

A: Yes, Its called as Proposed to be used under trademarks act. It suggested to use your brand name as soon as possible.

A: No, Registration will not give you complete protection for your trademark because your protection depends on the marketing of your product.

A: We need details like 1. Your Name, 2. Your Firm Name, 3. Business Address location, 4. Brand name, 5. Name and Age of Person who will sign the papers, 6. How long are you using the brand name? If a partnership firm them the list of partner names, 6. Logo if any. Please register at client portal and get all documents.

A: You cannot trademark personal names, trade descriptive word or direct reference to the Goods.

A: No, You cannot register the domain name, but you can register it without extension. Example: You cannot register like or but you can register as Amazon or Flipkart

A: Currently, trademark application filed after 2016 will take anywhere from 8 months to 18 months. Applications filed before 2016 can take anywhere from 24-36 Months.

A: Yes, but you will never have protection for it because the trademark is granted on the basis of usage.

A: Yes, its called Composite trademark. You can file it in single application.

A: Trademark has to be renewed even 10 years from the date of filing provided it has been registered.

A: No, your trademark is valid only in India.

A: You will still retain your trademark rights under passing off law.

A: Yes, you can register your firm, business, taglines or slogans under Class 35.

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