Trademark Monitoring

We will keep an eye on all conflicting brand names which are filed in the trademark registry. We will notify you about if there is similarity of your brand name applied before the registry which will assist you to prevent other business owners from using your brand's goodwill. There are possibilities that the Registry will approve the trademark which you will find potentially conflict or similar to your trademark. Monitoring your trademark gives you an opportunity to dispute the registration of another trademark mark


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Frequently asked questions

Does the Registry take action ?

The Trademark registry has no powers to take action against similar trademark filing or holders. Their powers are limited to issuance of Registration Certificate.

What should I do if Similarity found ?

You can file opposition of trademark if published in Gazette or send legal notice or file Civil suits before Court or law to procecute the similar mark holders

Types of Monitoring ?

There are 2 types. We do monitoring based on New Applications & Trademark Gazette Monitoring which before the Trademark Registry.

What algorithm you use ?

We use our own proprietary algorithm to detect similar and conflicting trademark.

Why TrademarKing Monitoring ?

  • Features
  • Monitoring Technology
  • Monitoring Alerts
  • Advanced Algorithm
  • Advisory on Conflict
  • 24/7 Monitor
  • Control Panel
  • Yes
  • Yes
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  • Free
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  • Others
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