Trademark Opposition

Opposition of a trademark is available when similar or conflicting mark is published in the Trademark Journal, in which a party seeks to prevent a pending application for a trademark from being granted registration. Opposition can be filed only to a pending application. Rectification can be filed for registered trademarks.


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Frequently asked questions

What are the effects of Trademark Opposition ?

Opposing the trademark will prevent the other party from registering the Trademark. The outcome of opposition proceeding is the final decision of the Trademark Registrar

Is Opposition Guaranteed ?

The Decision whether to allow or dismiss the opposition procedings is made by the Trademark Registrar

What will be Opposition Grounds ?

Opposition grounds vary from case to case, Mostly it will be similar or conflicting trademarks or trademarks which has been filed in bad faith.

Is there any other fees ?

You have pay hearing fees incase if the matter is posted before the Registrar.

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